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our friends the parti sosialis malaysia (psm) are keen to contest in the subang parliamentary seat. don't know why they think they can win the seat but it seems they are so adamant about it.

we are beginning to wonder what will happen if the parties in the so-called barisan alternatif are also interested to contest there. could it be a three- or four-cornered fight?

whatever it is psm seems to be the kind of group that are serious in what they are saying. compared to the current type of political leaders we have, both from barisan nasional and barisan alternatif, psm may be a new kid on the block.

but then if psm is sincere in their struggle, surely they are the better choice compared to those "seasoned" politicians who seem to know more about manipulating and conning their ways to get what they want.

here is a statement we received from a friend who said he received it from another friend who said he received it... at least psm has lots of friends. not bad, not bad at all.

Why is PSM standing in the Subang Parliament seat?

In the first place, it is a difficult seat to win and has been one of BN's strongholds in Selangor. Besides that, people say it is a middle class and upper middle class area, and the opposition, especially socialist politics cannot sell well.

The above can only explain that PSM is not an opportunistic party just going for a safe seat. The Subang parliamentary constituency is one of the biggest in the country and covers a large area. The voting population is close to 100,000.

Subang's racial composition is 48% Malay, 29% Chinese and 22% Indian voters. In the last election, BN candidate M. Mahalingam trounced the opposition candidate from Semangat 46 by a comfortable 37,247 majority. All state seats were also won by BN.

But Subang parliament was chosen by PSM for a simple reason that the party has done work in this area. PSM has a policy where it can only contest in areas where it has done at least 5 years work. Anything less than that means the party is just taking a short cut.

Besides that, the candidate who is standing must have done grassroots work in the area for at least five years. Here, the only criteria are doing work with the people.

For example, Dr. Mohd Nasir Hashim, PSM chairperson can be a very popular person but he cannot stand in a seat in Kajang (he stayed there for many years) simply because he has not done enough work there.

With such principles attached, we hope only rightful and deceiving candidateswill be chosen based on grassroots work.

Dr. Nasir was chosen by the party to stand in Subang because he has a track record of seven years doing work in the area. Among areas in Subang which PSM has influence is Kampung Sungai Kayu Ara, Kampung Melayu Subang, Kampung Sg. Rumput, Kampung Saujana, Kampung Sungai Nipah, Kampung Seri Bina, Kampung Saujana, Kampung Rasak, Kampung Belembut, Kampung Sg. Kedundong and Kampung Batu Tiga.

While among the plantation areas are Ladang Bukit Jelutong, RRI Sungai Buloh, Ladang Glenmarie, Ladang Damansara, Ladang Subang, Ladang Effingham, Ladang Pilmoor and Ladang Seafield.

Some of these plantations are not there anymore but they have been relocated to flats nearby.The party has approached these people over the past few years.

Because of constant work over the years, the party feels it is time to test the ground. The party recognizes its limitation, and have therefore chooses to stand only in one parliament and one state seat.

Subang is ideal because we have done work in the area and we have a candidate who deserves to be put there.

for more information on psm, click here.

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