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Never Mind the Evil Socialists

In Malaysia, the popular misconception about socialism is that it is anti-religion, it would make everybody poor and people would not be free.

Therefore, thanks to the British colonial masters and their "subjects", the Malay rulers of pre-war and post-war Malaya, socialism was lumped together with communism, and declared an evil ideology.

Until today socialists are evil people.

Never mind that current rulers Barisan Nasional and UMNO are reactionary, conservative right wing government that allows not much freedom and rights for the people.

Never mind that both UMNO and PAS and other assorted Malay/Muslim parties and NGOs are discriminating against women and people of other faiths.

Never mind that almost all political parties, either UMNO/PAS or MCA/GERAKAN/MIC/DAP/IPF meddle with race and religion to poison the minds of the people for their own agenda.

Never mind that socialists are the only ones that truly believe that freedom must co-exist with equality.

Never mind that socialists work towards production for use and not for profits, despite the government and opposition parties are inclined towards the capitalists.

Never mind that socialists want real democracy, that is to create a worker and community control to avoid problems we face today such as buraucrats and authoritarian managers decide what is good or bad for some 22 million Malaysians.

Never mind that socialists genuinely believe and would ensure freedom of religion be respected by all.

Never mind that socialists would never agree to a system where one majority race receive a special privilege (never mind that only a handful minority really benefit from this quota system).

Never mind that socialists would never agree to a system where one religion is dominant in Malaysia to the extent that other faiths are not only given second class treatment but also oppressed and supressed at most times.

If socialists are really evil people, we should wonder who are our so-called leaders who are championing the struggle of the people? Do we really need leaders?

Malaysians are smart people. They will always choose racism, religious extremism, chauvinism, parochialism and sexism over common sense.

Socialists can be right most of the time but who cares about the evil socialists? Probably they will end up in hell.

Never mind that evil socialists will surely be having fun in hell with the mad mullahs of PAS, the racist pigs (sorry pigs, no offence) of BN/BA and the intelligent Malaysians who refuse to speak up against the evils of racist, religious and sexist ignorance.

"When the rich wage war it's the poor who die!"
- Jean-Paul Sartre -

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