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reject mahathir
- for an islamic

We are against Dr Mahathir Mohamad because we do not support his capitalistic agenda of putting the rich above the majority poor.

We do not agree with Barisan Nasional and UMNO because we believe they are also promoting racial discrimination in all aspects.

We believe in equality, freedom and secularism, without which, there will be no democracy.

That is why we support any democratic movement fighting against BN and UMNO.

And we want the freedom to discuss any topic openly without fear of persecution or prosecution from either the government or the self-styled religious gurus.

But when some people are promoting religious hatred against Dr Mahathir and his government, we smell something fishy.

Thousands may rally against Dr Mahathir. But what will become of Malaysia when the rallying cry against the premier is that he is not extremist enough to turn Malaysia into a full blown Islamic theocracy.

What we are seeing now is a group of people who have managed to convince a large number of Malays, in the name of Islam, to oust Dr Mahathir so that they can take over Malaysia, and turn it into an Islamic state.

After more than 30 years of Bumiputra-non-Bumiputra divide, we will now have no choice but to accept the additional reality of the gap between Muslim and non-Muslim groupings.

Please note that while the Malays want Dr Mahathir out, they are not willing to relinquish their special privileges (i.e. 90% Malay quota in civil service and higher learning institutions) but would want to have more power to dictate people in the name of religion.

The signs are clear. The Malays, used to call other Malaysians as bangsa asing, are now preparing to call their neighbours of other faiths as infidels. To put more mildly, the dzimmi (protected infidels), under the rule of the caliphs of PAS.

But as some people of other faiths are still unclear about it, secular DAP is doing a great job of being the apologist for fundamentalist PAS.

Together with PRM and Keadilan, DAP and gang are happily defending PAS whenever the fundamentalist party is being criticised by the ruling Barisan Nasional leaders.

We view this situation with great concern. However, since we believe in democracy, we have no choice but to allow the people to make their own decision.

If the people want Taliban to rule Malaysia, so be it. If the Iranian mullah system is the best alternative for Malaysia, let it be.

Whatever happens, if Dr Mahathir is ever ousted for his religious conviction, it means people will get what they deserve.

If Islamic state means no democracy (power derives from God, not any other living things, humans included), then DAP, PRM, Keadilan, PSM, MDP, PBS, MCA, MIC, Gerakan, Aliran, Suaram and other democratic groups and individuals have no rights to complain once the theocracy is established.

We wish PAS all the best. Since the leaders have drummed up the spirit of jihad (holy war) in the hearts of their followers, no intellectual discussion will ever deter the minds of those who are willing to die (and kill for their belief).

Just a little warning. There is only one Malaysia. If we are too eager to achieve our aims, we may end up destroying this nice warm little tropical country.

Democratically, everybody has the right to topple or not to topple Dr Mahathir. But to kick him out because of his religious stand and open mindedness (over certain issues) would be the first among many mistakes to be committed later.

Revolution have always swallowed its own children. Including some revolutions in the name of socialism or religion.

Malaysians, ye are many, they are but a few...

"Every revolutionary ends as an oppressor or a heretic."
- Albert Camus -

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