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murad khalid A former Bank Negara top official has made an open allegation against Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, an accusation of financial corruption, with billions of ringgit (and US dollars too) involved.

For Barisan Nasional leaders and members, it was a prayer answered as they badly needed an issue, particularly a grand design, to counter attack allegations hurled at their top bosses by the Opposition.

The allegations by ex-Bank Negara Assistant Governor Abdul Murad Khalid were quite harsh, even amounting to high treason. Most of the local print media highlighted the basic fact that Anwar had more than 20 “MasterAccounts” worth RM3 billion and that the accounts were maintained by certain people for Anwar to draw upon for his own political purposes.

Making the accusations in a statutory declaration, Murad alleged that Anwar who is now a member of Parti Keadilan Nasional led by his wife Wan Azizah Wan Ismail was paid RM50 milllion from one master account while the other recipients, which included a United States-based agency, received sums ranging from RM1 million to RM38 million.

He disclosed that the agency, which received US$10 million (RM38million), was one of Anwar's main vehicles to promote his image in the United States and Europe. (No wonder the westerners thought Anwar is a neo-liberal democrat, instead of a Gucci religious fundamentalist)

Murad even claimed responsibility for arranging the US$10 million contribution to the agency which was headed by a former senior director of the U.S. National Security Council.

The other recipients included four Anwar-linked local organisations which got a total of RM17 million, including a leading member of Parti Keadilan, said to be one of the country’s Mr Clean.

But then, whatever Murad might have said, including stressing that he made the declaration without anyone pressuring him, would not be welcomed by the Opposition. The Perpetual Denial Syndrome (PDS) among the Opposition parties can sometimes be quite sickening because these are the same people that jumped, as high as their imagination can go, when a lawyer merely suggested that Anwar might had been poisoned.

Whatever it is, the issue is not so much whether Murad was telling the truth or somebody forced him to do it. It is more on Anwar and those people who were alleged by Murad to come up in the open to prove what Murad said was not true.

At the same time, BN leaders – meaning the government – must justify whatever claims Murad had made.

What the people want to know is the truth (which also means detailed facts). Anyway, since Anwar and his friends, including the Islamic fundamentalists, former socialists, Malay, Chinese and Indian racialists and other assorted bunch of people, had been accusing Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his cronies of corruption, it is only fair that the people know what really happened all the while.

So, what is the difference between Anwar and Mahathir, and BN and the Opposition, since the two sides were (maybe still are) involved with corruption, money politics, graft and other nonsense.

Of course, those people whose religion is “Hate Mahathir” (they could be Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, etc), may choose not to see, hear and believe anything bad about Anwar. It is a pity really, because Anwar was actually trained by his master, whom he called “father” a few days before he was sacked from the Government and BN last year.

Anyway, the basic tenet of Hate Mahathir is simply “PDS”, when it comes to Anwar’s turn to be exposed. In fact he was exposed by his allegedly former crony.

Whatever it is, the people are still poor and always in the dark. We can talk till the end of world about this issue but the question will always remain – How long are we going to let these leaders, both BN and the Opposition – to screw up our lives with their sickening rhetorics and empty promises?

Maybe we are stupid. But then most of us believe that the politicians we elect are dumber than us. But then again, why did we ever vote for them? And to think of it, most of us will continue to vote these same politicians?


"The intention makes the crime."
- Aristotle -

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