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our stand
on anwar

Our stand on the issue of Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his former protege Anwar Ibrahim is clear. We reject both of them because they are from the same ruling elite. Whatever supporters from either camps might have said, the point is both of them are believers of a system where they neglect the poor, the marginalised people and they play around with race and religion.

Being typical politicians, they thrived on splitting society into fragemented groups based on race and religion. This is the mould that we have been living with for the past 40 years, although it was originally created by the British colonial masters - divide and rule.

So whoever supports Anwar must realise that Anwar is as corrupt as Mahathir, and if Mahathir is to step down, Anwar too must follow the example. Replacing Mahathir with Anwar is like replacing an autocratic king with a despotic dictator.

Sure, some people say Anwar is a better person, clean image and has a strong belief in freedom and democracy. But then only the Westerners and the local middle-class liberal NGO people believe so. For the majority of Anwar's supporters, they thought Anwar will be more Malay and Islamic, meaning to say he will fulfil what Parti Islam SeMalaysia (PAS) has been fighting so far.

Are we getting closer to Islamic state, hudud laws, degradation of women, freedom for those who subscribe to a certain religion only, freedom within the limit of a certain belief only, more racial quota, more racial segregation? No one knows but by wearing two hats, Anwar has managed to cajole the Malays into believing that he is their saviour while appeasing the West that he is their answer to easier manipulation and domination by the Western powers.

The point here is that we have no problem if anyone says Mahathir must go. But we want to stress the fact that Anwar too must disappear from the political arena because he is and will be as corrupt, if not worse, as Mahathir.

Cronyism and nepotism have always been Anwar's game. Has anyone ever wonder why his family members are so rich while his cronies, including those who are hiding in Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand, can survive for the next few generations due to their wealth (through cronyism, corruption and collusion)? So what is the difference between Anwar and Mahathir and their cronies?

If Anwar is to replace Mahathir, then once again, the only losers will be the people. In the hands of politicians, people allow themselves to be cheated and duped time and again. When will we ever learn?

There are many answers. One of them, we believe, is to totally reject Barisan Nasional. We also call on the people to reject PAS for being the party of religious extremists who have no feeling whatsoever towards people of other religions and faiths, as long as they can establish their brand of Islamic state.

For those who are not convinced about the problems and effects of a so-called Islamic state, please browse through the net on countries like Iran, Sudan, Pakistan, Afghanistan and a few others which claim to have established a true Islamic state, suitable for all for eternity.

As much as Malaysians do not want this country to be a Hindu theocracy or Christian state, there is no reason why they should accept an Islamic state. By all means, we believe everyone should have their own belief, especially faiths that ensure we love everyone and has no intention of hurting anybody else. Definitely we are not anti-religion.

Therefore, if Malaysians truly believe in Malaysia, then they should stand up and declare their stand that while everybody is against corruption, abuse and misuse of power, and wanting justice, democracy and freedom, they must never be duped into believing a fake like Anwar to replace an autocratic leader like Mahathir.

If everyone is fed up with Mahathir, remember that Anwar will even be worse. Mahathir, at least, never mince his words but Anwar, as the native Americans said it, has a forked tongue.

Beware, Malaysians.

"Revolution is not a dinner party."
- Chairman Mao Zedong -

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