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28th. August 2000

The Web Master,
Socialist Malaysia

Dear Web Master,

Recently I came across an article titled "psm, where art thou?" appearing in your website. The article among other accused PSM of the following:

  • PSM was active only during election
  • No one knows what is happening to the party
  • Socialist Malaysia intends to wake up PSM which is supposedly in long slumber.
Firstly, let me congratulate your website for being lively as well as being bold in its criticism. Secondly, let me correct some of the above wild >accusation which could only come from socialist who has too much free time to hentam the others. (Armchair socialist or internetchair socialist).

It is important for us as socialist not to interpret the world but try to change it.

PSM is actually just trying to do this. Though the party only contested in one area (and almost contesting in another, but pulled out in the last minute), the party launched its service center within one month after the election in both these areas.

The service centers too are popular and receive various complaints. Besides that PSM became the first party in history to take the Home Minister to court to fight the issue of registration, which we claim is our fundamental right guaranteed by the constitution.

Unlike Socialist Malaysia, which concentrates most of its issues on political parties and calling names, PSM is very much busy with issues of workers and settlers whom we consider the back bone of the nation.

The sad thing is the issues that PSM take up might not interest the minority whom control the media and websites but is very much appreciated by the working class.

Rather than just criticising, PSM hope Socialist Malaysia would do its bit to highlight PSM activities. Then Socialist Malaysia will be able to judge whether PSM is doing its job or not.

We call upon Socialist Malaysia to keep us on the alert but please do a little ground work before you go for us. Please don't forget your primary enemy - Capitalism.

Thank You
Sec. Gen. PSM

"Every revolutionary ends as an oppressor or a heretic"
- Albert Camus -

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