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By suara sosialis

Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) has been sleeping since the last general election. No one knows what is happening to the party.

Does it mean that after that short glamorous moment of contesting against Datuk Samy Vellu, the Malaysian Indian Congress president, for the Sungai Siput parliamentary constituency, it is enough for the socialist party to prove its mettle? Or does PSM think the struggle is over for now and wait for another four years before trying their luck again?

Not that PSM needs all the publicity Keadilan is receiving at the moment, but at least the party should show its face from time to time.

Calling yourself a socialist party (hey, we are socialists too but donít give socialism a bad name) deserves something more than just sloganeering.

The question is, where is PSM hiding and where its people now?

We know if any one PSM member read this message, they would surely come up with all sorts of excuses. However, the point here is to wake them up from their long slumber. If they are really serious about the struggle for equality, freedom, democracy, blah, blah, blah, they must get their act together again.

Some friends who were helping PSM during its election campaign last November informed us that party members had shown true spirit of cooperation and tireless efforts in ensuring the success of their candidate. But then where is that spirit now?

If not, PSM will end up in history books. Maybe not, maybe just some citation in some obscure thesis, as one of those mosquito parties. The kinds that have strange names like KITA, BARA, Marhaen, Nasma, SDP, S46, etc.

Is PSM going to end its struggle now?

"I think politics is the instrument of the devil"
- Bob Dylan -

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