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50 Dalil Mengapa PM Tak Boleh Jadi Anwar

50 Reasons Why the PM Cannot Be Anwar

By A Concerned Citizen

(for starters, Dr Mahathir cannot be DPM because he is already the PM)

  1. PM is strong-willed and won't bend.
  2. PM is a go-getter, Anwar is a go-get-him.
  3. PM does not have an adopted brother.
  4. PM is not a "lay man".
  5. Nobody has ever called PM "brudder".
  6. PM cannot become DPM (Double Penetration Master).
  7. PM loves Siti Hasmah.
  8. PM can't play tennis.
  9. PM has never been to Tivoli Villa.
  10. PM doesn't wear a wig.
  11. PM doesn't have a website.
  12. PM is too old to have sex.
  13. PM doesn't get a red carpet welcome in the US.
  14. PM doesn't like the foreign media.
  15. PM is not Estrada's friend.
  16. PM hates assholes.
  17. PM sleeps with his wife, Anwar sleeps with others' wives.
  18. PM is Finance Minister (1), Anwar was Finance Minister once.
  19. PM has a heart condition, Anwar has a hard condition.
  20. PM has good men behind him, Anwar is good with men's behind.
  21. PM is pining for a good omen, Anwar is pining for a good old man.
  22. PM prays everyday, Anwar preys everyday.
  23. PM doesn't have his neck in a brace.
  24. PM is always cunning, Anwar is always cumming.
  25. PM sometimes splits hairs, Anwar splits ass.
  26. PM will not last forever, Anwar will lust forever.
  27. PM fucks the US, Anwar fucks you in the ass.
  28. PM doesn't have ass-ociates in the backlanes of Chow Kit.
  29. PM has to deal with the forex, Anwar has to deal with the four ex ex-DPM, ex-Finance Minister, ex-Umno deputy president and ex-Umno member.
  30. IGP won't give PM a black eye.
  31. PM won't let the Jews in, Anwar will let the juice in.
  32. PM is an enforcer, Anwar is an end-forcer.
  33. PM won't lie to his wife and children.
  34. PM never goes to Nalla's Deepavali open house.
  35. PM has a different idea of what the Penal Code means.
  36. PM doesn't have a special liking for Mexican, Chinese and Eurasian.
  37. PM is well-positioned at the top, Anwar is well-positioned at the bottom.
  38. PM had a horrible time in `69, for Anwar 69 will always be wonderful. 39. PM doesn't give one fuck about gays, Anwar gives gays more than one fuck.
  39. PM won't step down, Anwar will stab down.
  40. No lawyer will ever defend PM.
  41. PM doesn't flirt with women.
  42. PM doesn't know what the inside of a Black Maria looks like.
  43. The UTK won't break down the door at PM's house.
  44. PM has not spent even a night in Sg Buloh prison.
  45. PM has an official residence.
  46. PM is not intimate with drivers, tailors, boutique owners and lecturers.
  47. PM can't grow a moustache and goatee.
  48. PM is not a Penangite (sorry Penangites but I need this to make it).
  49. PM can have a good laugh over these jokes.
This has not been an easy task. Initially it seemed almost impossible to get even 10 dalil. So if any of this seems out of sync, please excuse me. Anyway, in being far-fetched sometimes, it is in line with the original 50 Dalil.

If there are to be objections, please give me 50 Dalil Mengapa Tak Boleh Pakai. Also this will be the last from me for some time. It has been hectic and I need a break from Anwar.

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