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Socialist Party of Malaysia's letter

To the webmaster of SOCIALISTMALAYSIA,

Firstly we would like to congratulate your website for featuring issues which concern socialism. We believe that one should have the freedom to express one's opinions.

We are writing this letter officially in our capacity as the Protem Committee of the Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSM) which has applied for registration on the 30th of April 1998. Your website has been discussed in the last two party meetings and we somehow have been blamed for the contents carried by the site.

Your site has created much confusion and curiosity as many people feel that this is the website of the Socialist Party of Malaysia. A number of articles have appeared on your site about the party. It is surprising to note that most of the information about the party is correct whereas some of the information are not entirely correct. It is also interesting to note that our name has been dragged in more than once and overall the site seems slanted towards us giving an impression that it is done by our party people. This has created a lot of problems explaining to people who have enquired about it. Nevertheless, we do not object to your freedom of expression.

There are also a number of things which we do not share especially on the issue of Parti Rakyat Malaysia (PRM). PSM may have some small differences with PRM, however we do respect PRM as a respectable Party and we are willing to work with them on a minimum programme. We (PSM) do not have any problems with working with PRM in the future and we feel among the opposition parties, PRM may be the closest to us as far as ideology is concerned.

In addition, your website seems quite sympathetic to Mahathir which we are not. We therefore would like your site to carry this letter in full in order to allow the public not to have any confusion between the SOCIAISTMALAYSIA site and the Socialist Party of Malaysia.

The Party (PSM) does not have funds nor resources for the time being to start a website. Besides that most of our members/supporters are factory workers, plantation labour, urban poor and hawkers who do not own a computer. Nevertheless, we plan to have a website in the future. Meanwhile it is the wishes of the Protem Committee that the website SOCIALISTMALAYSIA will not carry any of PSM's party materials without our approval. If you wish, we suggest that you allow us some space on your site to put our materials which we control entirely as far as contents placed on the space is concerned.

Thank You. We hope you will publish our letter on your website.

Yours Sincerely,
Socialist Party of Malaysia

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