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Mahathir Mohamad The battle between Dr Mahathir Mohamad and the former Prime Minister-In-Waiting Anwar Ibrahim, who was groomed for 16 years by Dr Mahathir, is a silly fight between two people are actually more interested in their own personal gains. Both leaders never give a damn about the people. Whatever accusations being hurled at Dr Mahathir, they should also be thrown to Anwar who, despite his fake image of a moderate, is actually an Islamic fundamentalist and a Malay chauvinist who pretends to be a saviour for the Malays and the country.

Anwar Ibrahim As socialists, we believe Malaysians must not only reject both Dr Mahathir and Anwar but also the party and the coalition they represent, Barisan Nasional.

These are the parties that have oppressed the people, cajoled and duped us into believing that life must be controlled and that the people should leave everything to the government. They say that the government knows better. What lies!

But please beware that in the midst of our disgust against a corrupt form of government, do not be misled by the middle-class liberals who will always pretend that they are the saviour of our country. As if they know better. These people have nothing better to do but live in the comfort of their lavish homes and try to dictate us the people, the working men and women, about how to run our life. Just be careful.

Remember that when two big powers are at war, we should never allow ourselves to be pulled in to fight their war. Always remember that in any war, the only losers are the people. The big bullies will always survive to fight another battle. Think, think and think. And try not to hate but think instead of love. Love is the answer, man...

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