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Democracy, Justice, Freedom, Human Rights and Islam

This is a very sensitive subject in Malaysia. It is about religion. It is about Islam. The sacred and holy religion which Muslims believe to be more than just a religion but a way of life.

As Malaysians are suddenly very interested in justice, democracy, freedom and human rights, it is only fair that they should see things in a wider perspective. Calling for justice and human rights but at the same time wanting to preserve the status quo will only show the hypocrisy on the side of the majority of the Muslims.

Muslims should realise that without freedom, there is no democracy or justice. What rights can human beings have if they are to be denied these rights. Furthermore, being mostly Malays, are the Muslims in Malaysia prepared to assess their status in the country. How long will they hold on to the special "tongkat" of bumiputraism?

But then maybe the better things for Muslims to do is to analyse their faith and their ethnicity. Must the Malays be Muslims and must Muslims be Malays? If these questions are considered to sensitive, then Malaysians can forget about having democracy, justice, freedom and human rights being properly practised in Malaysia.

Do Muslims believe Islam is a religion of tolerance? Do Muslims believe they are the only ones who will go to heaven? Do Muslims believe that by killing infidels in the name of Allah (through jihad), they will have a place in heaven? Do Muslims respect other religions in the sense that Muslims are willing to sit at the same level with the non-Muslims in dialogues over various issues?

Do Muslims believe that God is only interested in punishing His people, as most Muslims seem eager to wanting to have an Islamic state, or at least the Syariah Law or Hudud Law to replace the civil law? Is Islam a legalistic religion with no emphasis on loving and caring? Do Muslims believe all of these?

Some may say no but most will not even think about thinking about these questions. Sure enough some will even declare that whoever pose such questions will be damned to hell. But some may not feel so satisfied, that they will call for people who ask these questions be punished to death. Is this what God wants Muslims to do?

These questions must be reflected first before any answer be given. By rejecting such questions outrightly, Muslims will show their ignorance of the real issues around them.

So if Muslims are interested in justice, freedom, democracy and human rights, they should pray to God that their minds and hearts be opened to the Truth. By all means, Muslims should never get excited easily and must always believe that Truth will prevail. Never, never wish for someone's death just because one cannot accept the views of others.

For a start, Muslims must open their mind first. Pray hard. Seriously hope for God to be with us all the time, and check out this site below. Be brave, be open minded and behave.

The site for the International Society for Islamic Secularization (ISIS) provides issues and debate on Islam and rationalism, secularism, democracy and human rights, with particular emphasis on the freedom of expression, the freedom of intellectual and scientific inquiry, the freedom of belief, freedom of thought, freedom of conscience and religion—including the freedom to change one’s religion or belief, and the freedom from religion, the freedom not to believe in any deity. (That's what they claim, anyway)

Although we do not agree totally with what ISIS is saying, some of the thoughts are really good eye-opener, not only for Muslims but also non-Muslims as well.

Whether we agree or not, let us try to test our faith and mental strength, especially since all of us Malaysians, Muslims especially, are calling for democracy, justice, freedom and human rights.

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