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Anwar Ibrahim - The Master Conspirator

By Mydin Pakir Muhammad

Now, Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim says Mahathir Mohamad holds 80 per cent of MRCB shares. He says that Mahathir ordered a RM190 million private jet. He says there is a political conspiracy to kill his political career and prevent him from becoming Prime Minister. Anwar is saying a lot of things now that he is no longer deputy Prime Minister.

But maybe not all Malaysians have forgotten who is the one really adept in creating conspiracies.

  • In 1992 Anwar approved the management buy-out of New Straits Times.
  • Anwar directed Munir Majid of the Securities Commission to approve the injection of Realmild into MRCB.
  • Anwar approved the mergers and acquisitions which led to Realmild Sdn Bhd controlling four listed companies - MRCB, Malakoff, TV3 and New Straits Times Press Bhd.
  • Anwar defended all his approvals and became angry when questioned whether these deals were above board. Of course they were above board. How could Anwar Ibrahim, the Renaissance Man, do anything that was not above board? That is how the foreign analysts and foreign Press formed the perception that Anwar was in control of these companies.

But today, he says it has been Mahathir all along.

Then, the foreign press reported that "Anwar confidant Ahmad Nazeri Abdullah" was the controlling shareholder of Realmild with 80 per cent of the shares. Anwar never denied that then and everybody knows that Ahmad Nazeri, Khalid Ahmad and Mohd Nor Mutalib - - three of the four Realmild directors and shareholders -- were and are Anwar's boys. They were seen regularly at Anwar's house when he was DPM and even after he was sacked.

Anwar pushed the decisions relating to Realmild through the Cabinet, the Securities Commission and all relevant approving authorities. He hoodwinked his cabinet colleagues and his Umno supreme council members into giving him a free hand in dealing with matters relating to Realmild and MRCB because he argued that the Press needed to be controlled.

Anwar did take control of the Press. The same foreign press, which is lauding him for his transparency and sense of fair play and justice, reported how he used the Press to his advantage in his fight against Ghafar Baba in 1993. When did Mahathir come into the picture?

When Munir Majid approved the injection of Realmild into MRCB, a precedent was set. The SC approval was based on projected profits of RM70 million on projects in hand and including RM42 million from projects to be secured. It was the first time ever that the watchdog SC gave an approval based on speculation that MRCB would secure projects in the future. Who was the Finance Minister who directed Munir to approve this? Anwar Ibrahim.

Ahmad Nazeri Abdullah was appointed to run the show at the country's main newspapers and private television station. Everyone, including the foreign analysts and foreign Press, know that Ahmad Nazeri was in charge. That is why Nazeri appointed Yunus Said, another Anwar lackey, as the man in charge of TV3. Yunos had no TV experience but he had credentials others did not. He was from ABIM. And 100 per cent loyal to Anwar. Who appointed Nazeri? Anwar Ibrahim.

Nazeri and Yunos undermined Mahathir and projected Anwar through Berita Harian and TV3. Was Mahathir in charge? Did Mahathir direct the company in which he had 80 per cent stake to undermine him. It was Anwar Ibrahim.

MRCB received contracts and IPP licences e.g. mobile phone licence, KLIA contracts, KL Sentral, low-cost housing projects, three independent power plant licences in Lumut, Port Dickson and Sabah, ownership in Kwong Yik Bank and the expanded Rashid Hussain Bank. Who was the approving authority? Finance Minister Anwar Ibrahim.

MRCB ran into huge problems in handling the mobile phone system, Emartel, because Nazeri received huge kickbacks for buying the equipment at inflated costs. Part of the kickbacks went to buy Nazeri's seven-room bungalow on the Cape of Good Hope in Capetown, South Africa. The other part went to finance Anwar's politics. But when MRCB could not run Emartel, Telekom Malaysia was directed to buy Emartel at RM630 miilion ringgit. Who would buy a loss making concern and pay a premium for it? Especially when they already had two other mobile phone systems -- Atur and Mobikom? It was not a business decision. It was a political decision. Who directed Telekom Malaysia to bail out MRCB? Finance Minister Anwar Ibrahim.

When Anwar appeared on the cover of Time and Asiaweek, their reporters proudly reported that they flew together with Anwar Ibrahim on the executive jet. When Anwar went to Manila or Hong Kong or his foreign trips, he took the executive jet or borrowed jets from businessmen. When an MP questioned in Parliament on why Anwar and Mahathir borrowed private jets from businessmen, it was decided at the cabinet that the Government should buy its own jet for long-distance travel. Who approved the purchase of the jet in 1996? Finance Minister Anwar Ibrahim.

For one moment, let us consider Anwar is telling the truth about Mahathir controlling MRCB. Why then did Mahathir allow Anwar's staunchest supporters to run the show? Why did he allow Nazeri to finance Anwar's family trips abroad using MRCB money? Why did Mahathir allow Nazeri to hire Munawar Anees as a consultant to Realmild when Anwar now says that Munawar was his speechwriter?

Anwar is a very smart fellow. In any country in the world, including the countries which Anwar puts on his pedestal like the United States and Britain, there is a secrecy act which puts a lid on Government secrets for 30 years. The same secrecy laws apply in Malaysia. But the master conspirator that he is, Anwar has kept secret documents in "30 or 40 different locations" by his own admission.

Now he is questioning all the decisions he made or was instrumental in approving and putting the blame on Mahathir. Like the jet. Like MRCB. Like the KLIA contracts which everbody knows that Anwar's boys got a big chunk of. What does Mahathir do? Reveal cabinet secrets as a tit-for-tat measure against Anwar? Violate the secrecy oath that all cabinet members, including Anwar, have taken?

Anwar knows Mahathir will not do that. Anwar knows that he can be charged under the Official Secrets Act. But he knows that if the Government does that, his lackeys in the foreign Press and his un-informed "friends" like Estrada and Habibie and Cohen will denounce the Government. If a cabinet member or ex-cabinet member were to leak secrets in these countries, would action not be taken against them?

Anwar is smart. He is a conspirator of unmatched skills in the Malaysian context. But as he keeps lying, he keeps digging holes that he is finding difficult to cover. He keeps exposing himself with each falsehood he tells. One day, those who still believe in Anwar will have to come to terms with the truth and accept who the real Anwar Ibrahim is.

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